Inside our Northamptonshire shoe factory

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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Barker Shoes? Well, let's take a stroll through our factory – it's the heartbeat of our HQ and the birthplace of every pair you love.


Back in 1987, we built a shiny new factory right here in Earls Barton. Crafted from local Northamptonshire brick and stone, it's a jewel in the crown of European footwear factories.



Tucked away in our 4.5-acre landscaped home at the heart of our village, it's only a stone’s throw from our original 1880 site.

We're right in the middle of the British shoe making industry. Our secret? A skilled, local team that's been the backbone of our craft for generations.


Step into our factory, and you'll see every corner was designed with one mission: to craft the finest English shoes. Need proof? Look no further than our dedication to natural light. It's the secret ingredient for leather grading, colour matching and consistently top-notch stitching.


Picture this: the factory floor, alive with the gentle hum of machinery and the friendly laughter of our team. It's the symphony of craftsmanship in action, where each shoe is carefully handcrafted by these skilled artisans.


Now, let's talk about the real stars – our amazing team. Some have been part of the Barker family for a whopping 50 years! It's a legacy passed down through generations, with their relatives having lent a hand in our various factories over the years. We couldn't be prouder of our dedicated team.


There you have it – a sneak peek behind the curtain into the heart of Barker Shoes.