From our factory in Earls Barton to customers all over the world, these shoes will be part of Northampton's history for years to come.

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We have been making shoes in Northamptonshire since 1880 and we are pleased to announce that we have released a new limited edition collection of men's shoes to commemorate the upcoming King’s Coronation.

Designed and made in our Earls Barton factory, our new collection features a Union Jack on the inside quarter of each shoe whilst the sole proudly boasts the iconic flag as well as the coronation emblem, paying homage to our British heritage.

"The design of the Coronation Collection was carefully considered to celebrate and commemorate the King's Coronation in a subtle and sophisticated manner. By placing the Union Jack on the inside of the shoe, we've given wearers the opportunity to display their patriotism in a more understated way, allowing them to wear these beautiful shoes on multiple occasions.” said Steve Topping, the designer behind the collection.

"Our Coronation Collection is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of our skilled shoemakers who have been working hard to bring this unique and special collection to life," said Owen Prickett, Head of Production. "We're thrilled to be able to celebrate such an important event in British history and pay homage to our heritage and roots here in Northamptonshire.”

Our shoes have already travelled from our Earls Barton factory to our flagship store on Regent Street in London and we anticipate the collection will not only be sought after in the UK, but also globally.

With only a limited number of shoes available, the Coronation Collection is sure to be a hit with collectors and shoe enthusiasts alike.