The Best Winter Boots For Men 2021

Posted by Lee Fleming on

Hopper - Men's Leather Chelsea Boot By Barker

The wide assortment of Barker Goodyear welted men's boots has continued to expand across several of the Barker ranges including the BarkerTech, Country, Creative and Professional collections. The boot remains an Autumn / Winter style favourite but the majority of Barker boot styles are versatile and can be worn all year round. The key boot styles that feature in the current Barker collection is the traditional English Brogue boot, the elegant Chelsea boot and the relaxed Chukka boot.


Calder - Men's Goodyear welted Brogue Boot By Barker

A classic boot by Barker that features in the Country collection is the traditional brogue boot, the ankle-high version of the classic English brogue, the brogue boot offers functionality and style in equal measure. A brogue boot staple in the Country collection is the Calder, made on 460 last from premium calf and grain leather on a durable British Dainite rubber sole and is available in several colourways including the classic black, cedar and cherry.


Bedale - Men's Leather Chelsea Boot By Barker

An adaptable boot that features in the BarkerTech, Creative and Professional collections is the Chelsea boot, an effortless slip-on style that can be worn as a formal dress boot or with casual styling depending on the occasion. A traditional Chelsea boot from the Barker Professional collection is Bedale, made on the elegant 469 last shape from polished leather uppers and full leather sole for a distinguished profile.

Mansfield - Men's Suede Brown Chelsea Boot By Barker

A Chelsea boot favourite is the Barker Mansfield which is made on the 486 last from a variety of premium leather and burnished suedes on a choice of leather or Dainite rubber soles for added durability.

Freddie - Men's Suede Chelsea Boot By Barker

Other Chelsea boots that feature in the current Barker collection include the Freddie, Hopper and Sergey Chelsea boot styles. For ladies, a women’s Chelsea boot staple is the Gina, made on 5029 last from waxy suede leather on a full leather sole.


Orkney - Men's Brown Leather Chelsea Boot By Barker

A casual boot style that is becoming a Barker collection staple is the Chukka boot as it can be worn smart or casual for a relaxed look depending on your style. An elegant Chukka boot from the Country collection is the Barker Orkney, the boot version of the Skye Derby shoe, Orkney is made on the 464 last from premium grain leather on a Dainite rubber sole. A padded version is also available with fur lining (Orkney S) in several colourways including the Dark Brown, Cherry and Black.

Navona - Men's Suede Chukka Boot By Barker


A Barker Chukka boot that offers business casual style is the Navona from the London collection, made from suede on a crepe sole. Other suede chukka boots can be explored in the Creative collection including the Connor, made on the 29 last from premium suede on a lightweight crepe sole for a comfortable yet relaxed look which compliments denim jeans and/or chino trousers well. For ladies, the women’s Alice Chukka boot is the sister style to Connor and offers a casual yet stylish look.

When selecting a pair of Barker leather boots there are several points to take into account after you’re decided on a boot style including the type of materials used, sole type, last and fitting. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic faced by all of us, the versatility of a boot is more important than ever as previous only formal boots were worn in the office but a business casual style is emerging.