Several Steps to Select the Ideal Men’s Wedding Shoes

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Collection Of Men's Wedding Shoes By Barker

Getting ready for your wedding day generally requires multifaceted preparation and strict time keeping to ensure completion ahead of the big day. While there are the obvious decisions to make such as the type of wedding, wedding venue, accommodation and travel, one of the most important choices for the groom (after the wedding ring) is what to wear? No different to the decision on the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s attire can make all the difference on such a special occasion. Selecting a suit requires style and research in finding the ideal suit for a groom but equally as important are the wedding shoes accompanying his wedding suit.  

Arnold - Men's Wedding Shoe by Barker


Several steps to help a groom decide on his wedding shoes starts with the type of wedding he’ll be attending as more traditional wedding ceremonies and venues require classic suiting therefore the typical go to groom wedding shoes would be a timeless men’s dress shoe such as such as a Oxford shoe or brogue in calf or patent leather.

Winsford - Men's Dress Shoe By Barker


The colour would be black but a shade of brown can also be worn depending on the style and silhouette. Within the Barker Professional there are several classic Oxford styles such as the Arnold, Burford and Winsford which are ideal companions to a tailored suit.

Burford - Men's Leather Party Shoe By Barker


If opting got a black handmade men’s shoe to match your wedding suit it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Oxford as several alternative styles including the wholecut and double monk strap are stylish options that will look great walking down the aisle in. It’s important when investing in a pair of English Goodyear welted shoes that you select a shoe style that you can wear often afterwards as it would be such as shame for a well-made shoe to be worn only once, albeit on your special day.

Newborough - Men's Tassel Loafer By Barker


If you’re getting married abroad in particular somewhere hot or having a beach wedding a slip on style such as the Penny and Tassel loafer are ideal. Barker Goodyear welted loafers such as the Newborough, Portsmouth and Studland loafers are comfortable and compliment suiting or soft tailoring well.

Portsmouth - Men's Penny Loafer By Barker


If you’re looking for colour other than black to match your wedding suit or would like to make a statement the Barker Creative collection is the ideal range of Goodyear welted shoes to make your wedding walk memorable.

McClean - Men's Wedding Shoe By Barker


The Barker McClean is a firm favourite in the Creative collection and has long been supported by grooms and groomsmen from around the world. A traditional Oxford brogue made on the 443 last from premium calf leather with intricate suede or paisley detailing, McClean is several in several colourways including shades of brown to match a suit as well as red hand painted to stand out in the crowd.


Another popular hand painted style by Barker is the Valiant Oxford brogue Shoe, made from unfinished crust leather, this style is hand painted in the Barker Earls Barton factory and includes various colour combinations including the Multi Colour and Rainbow Hand Painted. 

Finding your best last and fitting is also highly recommended as your wedding day involves many hours on your feet and moving. By breaking your Barker shoes in prior to the main event and choosing a comfortable, well-fitting shoe style can make all the difference on your Wedding day in particular in the evening when your wedding shoes become party shoes.