Brogue Shoe Styling Guide For Men In 2021

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Valiant - Men's Handmade Leather Brogue Oxford By Barker

A traditional shoe for men that features in the collections of shoemakers from around the world particularly the Northampton shoemakers such as Grenson, Loake and Tricker’s who all have a distinctive approach to this hole punched staple.

The brogue shoe is steeped in British history having originally been worn by Scottish and Irish farmers as an outdoor shoe for removing bog water when crossing wetlands. The brogue name comes from the Irish word brog meaning ‘a rough or stout shoe ’and the term supposedly originated from the perception that the Irish spoke as if they had ‘a shoe in their mouths’.

Wesrfield - Men's Brown Leather Brogue Shoes By Barker

For a long time, the brogue was seen as a Country style worn outdoors for hiking and working but never in town. How the men’s brogue was worn gradually changed as it was seen in a setting that was previously unfamiliar. Worn by brogue ambassadors including the then Prince of Wales who teamed his brogues with a grey lounger suit while golfing showed the potential of the brogue. From the Countryside to jazz clubs, the brogue had crossed the line between smart casual and allowed shoemakers to become more imaginative with this hardworking outdoor classic.

Today the identifiable hole punching design of a brogue is mainly for decoration than function but the shoe itself remains unchanged. The brogue is a firm favourite in both the Oxford shoe and Derby shoe style and features in several of the Barker ranges including the Archive, BarkerTech, Creative and Professional collections. Exploring the current Barker collection you’ll discover several types of brogue including the full brogue (also known as a wingtip), semi brogue, quarter brogue and the longwing brogue.
Kelmarsh - Men's Leather Derby Brogue Shoes By Barker
For a traditional English brogue shoe, the Country collection is the best place to start with several Goodyear welted brogues included that are made from premium calf and grain leathers on a choice of leather or rubber soles. The Charles and Westfield Oxford brogue shoes are staples in the Country collection and both made on the Barker 29 last from premium calf leather on a full leather sole. For a durable Country brogue, the Calvay (F fitting) and Kelmarsh (G fitting) Derby brogues are made from grain leather on durable Dainite rubber soles.
Station - Men's Leather Brogue Shoe By Barker
The limited-edition ‘Barker of Earls Barton’ Archive collection includes several Goodyear welted reinterpretations of iconic Barker styles including the Station which is inspired by the Westfield Oxford brogue and made from fine grain leather/suede on British Dainite rubber soles.

Hampstead - Men's Black Leather Brogue Shoe By Barker

Within the Professional collection, you’ll discover a wide range of Barker brogues made from calf and polished leathers on a variety of lasts including the 69, 386, 396. Popular Professional collection brogues including the Albert, Alfred, Hampstead, Mirifeld and Woodbridge styles.

McClean - Men's Leather Wedding Shoes By Barker

The Creative Collection is where the Barker design team push the boundaries of traditional shoemaking techniques and there have been several brogues of note including the Bailey, Grant, Valiant and Woody brogue styles. The most popular Creative collection brogue that has often been referred to as the ultimate wedding shoe is the Barker McClean Oxford brogue, made on the 443 last from premium leather with intricate suede or paisley laser detailing, the McClean is available in several colourways.